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The debut full length album from Flora Cash,
‘Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine)’
is out everywhere now!

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  1. Dulce Wu · July 25

    在YouTube精彩视频上发现了《You’re somebody else》觉得很惊艳,没想到这么美的歌是出自两位小众音乐人之手,值得喝彩!Flora Cash在很认真很努力地打造他们的团队和音乐,希望大家支持!

  2. Dulce Wu · July 25

    在YouTube精彩视频上发现了《You’re somebody else》觉得很惊艳,没想到这么美的歌是出自两位小众音乐人之手,值得喝彩!Flora Cash在很认真很努力地打造他们的团队和音乐,希望大家支持!

  3. Volcano · July 27

    WOW! your songs are wondleful,very nice! Go ahed.

  4. silentenvyproductions · August 16

    I’m interested in using part of one of your songs in a feature film. How can I go about doing this?

  5. Sandesh Sharma · August 16

    Probably the first one here, from my country! Greetings from Nepal! Your music’s simple yet satisfying. Keep up the good work! ❤

  6. 黄蕾 · August 17

    I am a girl from China
    I’m really happy to hear your song. I love your voice! I want to learn English well, and I can talk to you on the website

  7. Mint · August 18

    I am a girl from China
    I’m really happy to hear your song. I love your voice! I want to learn English well, and I can talk to you on the website

  8. Eileen · August 21

    Hey, you amazing two! Much love your songs, you work pretty well together. Your music always makes me feel peaceful. Thanks . Greetings from China

  9. Erin Hickey · August 21

    Found your song just by chance online, ‘You’re somebody else’ and I can’t stop listening to it! Helped me through a tough time, the lyrics made me realise a lot, more so that I was singing to myself and not someone else, it appears to be talking about someone else but I realised it’s really about us as individuals and that made me realise so much and that I don’t need to keep going through what I am! Thank you for writing some beautiful music

    Love E x #Scotland

  10. I love you guys! ❤ Seriously! Come to México please! That would be the best! Keep doing your music, you guys are fantastic. (:

  11. Choua Vang · August 23

    Your sound makes my thoughts hazy and I feel like my spirit is swinging even though I’m sitting staring at a screen. When will you be in NYC next?!

  12. Eve · August 25

    So wonderful!!Love your song,and love you guys:)Album covers are beautiful!!!

  13. Aditi · September 5

    You guys are simply amazing! I’ve been following you on Spotify since you’ve released your EP. None of your albums disappoint. I’m always transported to another world when I hear them (sometimes I’m extremely grateful for that). Beautiful voices 💕 Please come to Minneapolis soon; I would LOVE to see you both live.

  14. Victoria · September 7

    I’ve spent the last year studying at my kitchen table 9-18 hours a day for post-graduate school, can honestly say your music absolutely redeemed the entire year of mediocrity on Spotify (it’s ALWAYS on in my flat). One week of madness to dissertation hand-in, and I’m so excited to have your music to stimulate my writing process. THANK YOU!!!

  15. chenayg · September 10

    Stumbled across your guys’ music on Spotify the other day. I’ve been listening to it on shuffle since. I love your music! I hope you make it out to Arizona some day (: .

  16. Lynn · September 11

    Fell in love with ur music the instant I heard the lyrics “only it ain’t on the surface”.

  17. Tim Setchfield-Smith · October 13

    Hello from New Zealand. Loving your music. FIY I found you from the ‘Recommended by iTunes” after other purchases. Are you likely play here in NZ? Thanks. 🙂

  18. Aj Agrawal · October 16

    Hey Guys! Found you on Spotify and haven’t stopped listening since. Love your music! Any chance you’ll be touring London? 😀 😀

  19. Ben · October 30

    Please visit Chicago and play your beautiful music.

  20. just another sad story · November 1

    today I found you guys and .. well .. I can’t stop listening to your songs,just perfect!♥

  21. krisstina torres · November 7

    you guys music is incredible! pure art i can’t stop listening to you guys, keep making music!
    sending prayers and much love to you xx

  22. Grace · November 9

    My Dad discovered you when Spotify randomly started playing a track of yours. He couldn’t believe you weren’t more known/talked about it. He showed me and I’m so hooked, i would love to hear you live. Your music is so beautifully haunting, you’re amazing ❤️

  23. Amanda Freitas · November 9

    A melhor banda que eu poderia encontrar nesse momento! Vocês são incríveis ❤️Brazil

  24. Maria Luisa Hernandez · November 30

    I found your song: You’re somebody else- it’s my favourite song and i can’t stop listening to it. You have beautiful voices and amazing tunes. I adore you guys, I hope you will make it to Spain sometime. Please create more and more brilliant music. Thank you xxxxx

  25. Jola · December 19

    Your music is amazing! I can listen to your songs all day and all night. I can’t wait for you to come to Poland! ❤

  26. Kenneth Solís · January 5

    Hola, soy de Nicaragua, un país pequeño de Centroamérica y al parecer soy el primero de este país. Los conocí median un anuncio en YouTube y su música me pareció lo más genial que he escuchado, leí sobre su historia y como se conocieron y me pareció una historia para las pantallas de cine. Me encanta su música, es tan relajante. Haria lo que fuera por verlos cantar en vivo. Saludos.

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